Monday, June 17, 2013

Momma's Cellar

Annie sat down in her old rocking chair and had all her grand and great grand children gather around as she told them a story. She gathered little Nicole up on her lap and began to rock. Annie looked at each one, and then asked them, “I think I’ll tell you about the bear we found in the cellar.”“What’s a cellar grandma?”  JC asked. “Well, it’s a basement, but it has dirt floors and isn’t good for much, except storing canned goods and storm shelter.” she said with a giggle, then began.
Many years ago when I was a little girl, my cousins and I had always heard stories of a bear down in my parents cellar. One day in mid July, my cousin Eddie decided to do just that. I was busy roller skating and Eddie had been playing ball with his brothers.  He come running over to me when their game was over, and asked. "Are you ready to go down to the cellar?"
I didn't really want to go in my skates, but I said, "OK, let's go."
He helped me down the steps and we creeped around the corner of the door, being very careful not to make any noise. It was very dark, we only had the light streaming in from the door. I remembered that mom always walked to the center of the main room to turn the light on, and I started to skate over to turn the light on when all of a sudden we heard this strange noise. We wanted to find out exactly what it was and so I continued toward where I knew the light was.
There the noise was again, I turned to Eddie, and suggested, "I think we should get out of here."Eddie didn't share my thoughts, he said, "No, we came down here to find that bear, and we're going to find it."It was just then, that a loud crashing sound come from the back part of the cellar, and then a low growl. I screamed, "Get out, get out!"I turned to run out, but instead ran into Eddie, we both landed on the floor. We got ourselves up, and raced to the stairs.
Eddie ran up the steps first, and I scrambled up the best I could, being on skates. When I got close to the door way, Eddie reached and grabbed my hand and pulled me up. We slammed the door shut and ran in the house as fast as we could.
My dad saw us scramble out of the cellar door, and race into the house. He asked, "What are you two up to?"

After kicking off my skates, I ran over to him and grabbed his hand and said. "Daddy, Daddy, you got to come quick, we found a bear in momma's cellar!"
My dad laughed, and said, "Now Sissie, there can't be any bears down there."

I wasn't believing him, and retorted with, "Oh yes, there is too. We saw it!"He pointed toward the window that overlooked the cellar door, and suggested, "Go on over there and watch the cellar door."
Slowly we walked over, Eddie and I looking at each other.  We stood there watching the cellar, I looked up at Eddie and asked, "Do you think my dad is right?" My voice was so gripped with fear that it quivered.

He replied, "I don't know, but I do know what we saw down there."
It wasn't very long and we saw the door begin to open. My heart began to pound even harder. I knew this was it, not even daddy could help us now.I yelled, "Daddy, Daddy, come quick" I just knew he wouldn't get there in time.How can this be happening to us, here on our lovely little farm? I thought to myself.
With a loud bang, the doors come open, Ed and I both held our breaths, as we looked at each other. Wondering what would happen now, with a bear on the loose.
I ran back over to my dad, and begged, "Daddy, please come and help us."He only instructed me to go back to the window. Before I got there, Eddie was sitting on the floor laughing, almost in tears. I thought that was rather strange, seeing as a bear wasrunning loose.I ran back over to the window and just couldn't believe my eyes. My big brother, was doubled over laughing, he had been the so called bear in the cellar.I was furious, so much so, that it had to fight back tears of anger. How could he be so mean to us? We could have been hurt or worse.Well, I was not amused at all, and I promised myself right then and there, that when ever the opportunity come up, I would get him back, and that day come a few years later.