Friday, October 9, 2009

Animal Safari

On Sunday (08/31/08) my daughter (in law), my 13 year old grand daughter, my 13 year old (step) son and myself went to "Animal Paradise"  which is owned by Animal Safari. We decided to drive my car through to see the wild animals, and feed them instead of taking the bus through. It took us roughly 3 hours and we had a blast, the car as well as us, got slobbered on. I got a few close up pictures of us feeding the animals. The only ones that wouldn't come up to the car, were the Zebra's, and the camel tried to get his head in the car to gobble ALL of the food that we had for them.  After we drove through, we went through the walk through. Some of the animals we could not feed, like the black panther, but we did get to see it. I got a pretty good shot of him. Hope you enjoy!