Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Growing Garden

As you know, I've been trying to get my gardens going. On a tight budget, and having to do the work alone is challenging.  We lost our tree in the back yard during the 2007 Ice Storms, which I cut most of the tree down (with a hand saw) I'm using the tree trunk to keep my little dog out of my flowers (just under my living room window.

 Notice the Morning Glories growing on the side of my deck, I love stepping out each morning and seeing them bloom.  My plans for the future is to build a frame around my living room window, so they can vine all around it.

 I'm also using part of the upper trunk as an ornament. I want some sort of vinning flower around it, but haven't decided what yet. I also have honeysuckle planted where you see the lattice.


The base of the tree, I've made a bird bath, the rocks, well that marks the grave of my husbands 17 years old cat (Moe)  Future plans for this is a circle garden around it.


Now to the front of the house, I used the branches from that tree, to boarder this flower garden,  I'm wanting it to be full of flowers with a few stepping stones so I can get to my bird feeders, parts of it, are still rather bare, because the flowers just didn't do well, I'll not plant that kind there again. ;)

  You can also see that I have laid a green indoor/outdoor carpet, that is where I want to put pavers, and have a swing, so I can enjoy my garden. The porch...well that's for early mornings or rainy days.

The walk way to the door, strawberries on the left and English Ivy on the right. I'm still trying to kill the English Ivy, it takes over EVERYTHING!

On the south side of the drive, I put in four pine shrubs, and a Hibiscus Bush, which blooms big peach flowers. You can also see our neighbor's trash laying around.